Is Global Tech Prep Right For Your Family?

See for yourself what makes GTP special:
  • We are a small school. With a maximum of 60 students in each grade, we can get to know every child well, whether a student is quiet and a little shy or outgoing and very vocal. If you choose GTP, you can be sure that your child will not get lost in the crowd.
  • We have small class sizes. Not everyone learns the same way. With smaller classes, teachers can work with students to find out what their learning styles are and where they need extra support.
  • We are a technology-rich school. Every classroom is equipped with a full set of laptops that students use as part of their learning experience. Our classrooms are equipped with up-to-date presentation technology and our staff is well-trained in using the technology in every subject. Our students become very sophisticated at using a range of innovative techniques, including creating multi-media presentations of their work. We are part of a small, select group of schools that offers software engineering as part of the standard curriculum!
  • We focus on academic standards. We look continuously at student achievement to see where we need to provide extra support. We know that every child is capable of excellence and we see it as our responsibility to help your child reach for the stars!
  • We connect our students to a wide range of resources beyond the classroom. We offer an array of extra-curricular activities, including sports and theater. In addition, we have more than a dozen learning partners: These are organizations that provide enrichment and internship opportunities for our students. See who our Innovation Partners are to learn more.
  • We have an extended-day program. Many studies have shown that students who take part in an after-school program that is tied to the lessons of the school day gain in important ways, including: improved academic achievement; lower levels of discipline problems; higher promotion and graduation rates; and better social skills.