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Meet Our Trailblazers Basketball Team!

posted Dec 20, 2010, 2:32 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jan 11, 2011, 12:47 PM ]
Global Tech Prep is proud to introduce the 2010-11 Trailblazers basketball team!  (See videos at the bottom of the article.)  The official 12 player roster is Elijah Harris, Kamarthy Evans, David Lopez, John Jacobs, Kenneth Carter, Kenneth Moore, Briana Wright, John Jimenez, Luis Nazario, Isaac Rivera, Daytwan Williams and Jonathan Lucena.  The Head Coach is Mr. Phillip Ellison and his two assistants are Mr. Chauncey Nartey and Mr. Mike Nevarez.

The coaching staff has high expectations for the Trailblazers.  Coach Nevarez stated, "I hope that anyone who sees the team from Game 1 would say that the team has improved so much regardless of wins and losses."  For the last decade he has been coaching various sporting activities and is known for having coached young players who later became professional athletes.  Professional players coached by Coach Mike include Doris Ortega, a former Bergtraum Lady Blazer and St. Bonaventure Bonnie, and Nelyssa Rosario, a professional baseball player in the Dominican Republic.

Mr. Homer Cook, the school's Community Coordinator stated "Being on an organized basketball team teaches students teamwork, how to take direction, deal with disappointment, manage success and other fundamental life skills."  "Outside of basketball we hope the players develop into model students and show outstanding behavior and leadership," added Coach Nevarez.

The "Trailblazers" name reflects the expectation of the coaching staff that playing for the team will lead to achievement both on and off of the court.  Coach Nartey explained that the desire is for "individuals to be trailblazers, blazing trails for action" and "to college." 

It's safe to say that being on the team has already inspired the players.  Kamarthy Evans, viewed by many in the Global Tech Prep community as a rising basketball star, says that he wants to create a website for the basketball team, "to get people to come to the school ... to work at the school and play basketball."  How does he feel about being on the team?  "I'm happy to be a part, I feel it motivates me, my work ... it motivates me to be a better student."

In November of 2010 the Global Tech Prep Trailblazers entered into the East Harlem District 4 Basketball Tournament hosted by Global Tech Prep and P.S. 7 STAAR Academy which was coordinated by Arthur Atell, Gueber Milien and Jose Cortez.  The tournament consists of 6 middle school teams and 2 non profit organization teams.

According to Mr. Atell "Our goal was to create the basketball tournament which would serve as an intervention incentive outlet to improve academic standards and to prevent students from engaging in negative conduct in the school community.  Plus, students can look forward to doing something positive and constructive with their peers.  The program would be highly structured and cohesive, aimed at keeping students interested in learning while keeping them off the streets and keeping parents involved in the lives of their children."

With his two partners Jessie Johnson and Jamal Stevenson, Mr. Atell has a growing non-profit organization called NYC E.L.I.T.E. Inc "Extraordinary Leaders In Today's Environment" and that's where he adopted the idea for the "District 4 Intervention Incentive Middle School Basketball Program."  He is seeking outside resources to support the middle school Intervention Incentive program to make it an annual event.  The regular season will end on January 25th, 2011 after which there will be playoffs and a trophy ceremony.

Below you can watch footage of the students in action.

Jump Shot! from Global Tech Videos on Vimeo.

Fast Break from Global Tech Videos on Vimeo.

Defense! from Global Tech Videos on Vimeo.